All aboard for The Imaginary Voyage, joint screening of Sinematek/Cinema House and Istanbul Silent Cinema Days!

6th International Silent Cinema Days to be held between 4th-8th December 2019 with the “Unknown” as its main theme, meticulously restored films will be screened with live musical accompaniment. The festival will include milestones like A Trip to the Moon (Le voyage dans la lune, 1902) and the surprise of the festival is Muhsin Ertuğrul’s Tamilla (1927) that had been considered lost until recently.

The film to be jointly screened by Sinematek/Cinema House and Silent Cinema Days is The Imaginary Voyage (Le Voyage Imaginaire, 1925), a love story humorously narrated by the Dadaist French director René Clair. Humble bank clerk Jean is in love with boss’s secretary Lucie but his shrewd colleagues are also after the young woman. Jean who is played by the Swedish ballet dancer Jean Börlin would have to go long and fantastic distances in order to reach his sweetheart. The film will be screened with Turkish intertitles on Sunday, December 8, at 4:00 p.m. in Kadikoy Cinema. Emilie Cauquy from the French Cinematheque will make a brief presentation prior to the film and Daan van den Hurk will accompany the screening with his piano.